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Special Areas of Conservation

SACs in UK offshore waters

There are 25 SACs, SCIs or cSACs in UK offshore waters including those that cross the 12 mile limit. Sites are sorted alphabetically.

EU Code Name Country Local Authority Area (ha) Status
UK0030387 Anton Dohrn Seamount OF Extra-Regio 142861 SAC
UK0030368 Bassurelle Sandbank OF Extra-Regio 6709 SAC
UK0030357 Braemar Pockmarks OF Extra-Regio 1143 SAC
UK0030396 Bristol Channel Approaches / Dynesfeydd Môr Hafren EWO Extra-Regio 584994 SAC
UK0030381 Croker Carbonate Slabs OF Extra-Regio 11599 SAC
UK0030317 Darwin Mounds OF Extra-Regio 137726 SAC
UK0030352 Dogger Bank OF Extra-Regio 1233115 SAC
UK0030389 East Rockall Bank OF Extra-Regio 369489 SAC
UK0030353 Haig Fras OF Extra-Regio 47569.38 SAC
UK0030369 Haisborough, Hammond and Winterton EO Extra-Regio 146759 SAC
UK0030388 Hatton Bank OF Extra-Regio 1569433 Candidate
UK0030370 Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and North Ridge EO Extra-Regio 84514 SAC
UK0030398 North Anglesey Marine / Gogledd Môn Forol WO Extra-Regio 324949 SAC
UK0030399 North Channel NIO Extra-Regio 160367 SAC
UK0030358 North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef OF Extra-Regio 360341 SAC
UK0030363 North West Rockall Bank OF Extra-Regio 436526 SAC
UK0030379 Pisces Reef Complex OF Extra-Regio 873 SAC
UK0030385 Pobie Bank Reef SO Extra-Regio 96575 SAC
UK0030354 Scanner Pockmark OF Extra-Regio 674 SAC
UK0030386 Solan Bank Reef SO Extra-Regio 85593 SAC
UK0030395 Southern North Sea EO Extra-Regio 3695054 SAC
UK0030359 Stanton Banks OF Extra-Regio 81727 SAC
UK0030397 West Wales Marine / Gorllewin Cymru Forol WO Extra-Regio 737614 SAC
UK0030380 Wight-Barfleur Reef OF Extra-Regio 137344 SAC
UK0030355 Wyville Thomson Ridge OF Extra-Regio 173995 SAC

Key to site status abbreviations

  • SAC = Special Area of Conservation
  • SCI = Site of Community Importance
  • cSAC = Candidate Special Area of Conservation

For an explanation of the site status terms, see the site summary information.