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Special Areas of Conservation

Species list

This table provides a list of Annex II species types which occur in the UK and for which one or more SAC is designated.

A list of habitats and species which have priority status (a priority habitat or species is one in danger of disappearance and for which there is a particular responsibility to conserve) is available via The National Archives.

Invertebrate species: molluscsNo. of SACs

1013 Geyer's whorl snail [Vertigo geyeri]7
1014 Narrow-mouthed whorl snail [Vertigo angustior]5
1015 Round-mouthed whorl snail [Vertigo genesii]3
1016 Desmoulin's whorl snail [Vertigo moulinsiana]9
1029 Freshwater pearl mussel [Margaritifera margaritifera]26
4056 Ramshorn snail [Anisus vorticulus]3
Invertebrate species: arthropodsNo. of SACs

1044 Southern damselfly [Coenagrion mercuriale]10
1065 Marsh fritillary butterfly [Euphydryas (Eurodryas, Hypodryas) aurinia]33
1079 Violet click beetle [Limoniscus violaceus]3
1083 Stag beetle [Lucanus cervus]5
1092 White-clawed (or Atlantic stream) crayfish [Austropotamobius pallipes]10
4035 Fisher's estuarine moth [Gortyna borelii lunata]2
Vertebrate species: fishNo. of SACs

1095 Sea lamprey [Petromyzon marinus]23
1096 Brook lamprey [Lampetra planeri]18
1099 River lamprey [Lampetra fluviatilis]21
1102 Allis shad [Alosa alosa]6
1103 Twaite shad [Alosa fallax]6
1106 Atlantic salmon [Salmo salar]35
1149 Spined loach [Cobitis taenia]5
1163 Bullhead [Cottus gobio]18
Vertebrate species: amphibiansNo. of SACs

1166 Great crested newt [Triturus cristatus]32
Vertebrate species: mammalsNo. of SACs

1303 Lesser horseshoe bat [Rhinolophus hipposideros]13
1304 Greater horseshoe bat [Rhinolophus ferrumequinum]11
1308 Barbastelle [Barbastella barbastellus]9
1323 Bechstein's bat [Myotis bechsteinii]9
1349 Bottlenose dolphin [Tursiops truncatus]3
1351 Harbour porpoise [Phocoena phocoena]7
1355 Otter [Lutra lutra]74
1364 Grey seal [Halichoerus grypus]13
1365 Harbour seal [Phoca vitulina]12
Lower plant speciesNo. of SACs

1386 Green shield-moss [Buxbaumia viridis]2
1390 Western rustwort [Marsupella profunda]3
1393 Slender green feather-moss [Drepanocladus (Hamatocaulis) vernicosus]10
1395 Petalwort [Petalophyllum ralfsii]14
Higher plant speciesNo. of SACs

1421 Killarney fern [Trichomanes speciosum]1
1441 Shore dock [Rumex rupestris]10
1528 Marsh saxifrage [Saxifraga hirculus]6
1614 Creeping marshwort [Apium repens]1
1654 Early gentian [Gentianella anglica]13
1831 Floating water-plantain [Luronium natans]14
1833 Slender naiad [Najas flexilis]5
1902 Lady's-slipper orchid [Cypripedium calceolus]1
1903 Fen orchid [Liparis loeselii]3