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Special Areas of Conservation

Mointeach nan Lochain Dubha

Designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC)
Country Scotland
Unitary Authority Highlands and Islands
Centroid* NG673206
Latitude 57.21666667
Longitude -5.854166667
SAC EU Code UK0019820
Status Designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC)
Area (ha) 412.3
* This is the approximate central point of the SAC. In the case of large, linear or composite sites, this may not represent the location where a feature occurs within the SAC.
Location of Mointeach nan Lochain Dubha SAC

General site character

  • Inland water bodies (Standing water, Running water) (7.1%)
  • Bogs, Marshes, Water fringed vegetation, Fens (48.1%)
  • Heath, Scrub, Maquis and Garrigue, Phygrana (44.2%)
  • Inland rocks, Screes, Sands, Permanent Snow and ice (0.6%)

Download the Standard Data Form for this site (PDF <100kb)

Note When undertaking an appropriate assessment of impacts at a site, all features of European importance (both primary and non-primary) need to be considered.

Annex I habitats that are a primary reason for selection of this site

  • 7130 Blanket bogs (* if active bog)  * Priority feature

    Mointeach nan Lochain Dubha is one of two Blanket bog sites on Skye in the Inner Hebrides. The bog lies at the headwaters of a number of rivers and burns and displays a range of linear and rounded pool-patterning, although it lacks the extreme flushing of lower Sligachan Glen in the Sligachan Peatlands. The vegetation includes a rich cover and variety of Sphagnum, including an abundance of the rare Sphagnum pulchrum as well as S. fuscum and S. imbricatum.

Annex II species that are a primary reason for selection of this site

  • Not Applicable

Annex II species present as a qualifying feature, but not a primary reason for site selection

  • Not Applicable

Many designated sites are on private land: the listing of a site in these pages does not imply any right of public access.